So the question is what is WordPress?. We will call it a CONTENT MANAGEMENT SYSTEM (CMS). In simple words, it is a system that manages the content of your website over the internet. Also, this use for making a blog or website. While you can use it to make different types of websites. The easiest way to make your website on the internet is WordPress. It does not matter whether you have any knowledge about coding or not, you can easily make your site on it.

In the past, it was very difficult to make a website if you have no knowledge of web development and codings such as CSS, PHP Jquery, and HTML. But right now WordPress has solved this puzzle. Now can you can create your own website in just 5 minutes on WordPress. It also provides you different features with full freedom. Previously, it was very difficult to grab this opportunity.  Now Let,s explain the WordPress CMS in detail.


As far as its owner is concerned, there is no owner at all. It is an open-source system. May a man has contributed toward its development. Indeed it was developed by someone but now it is an open-source software system. You can use it without any charges. If we trace the history of the WordPress system, it belongs to the era of 2003. In 2003 it was developed by a community of two people like Matt Mullenweg and Mike Little. But from the starting date till now it is considered an open-source system.


In the past, when WordPress was new in the I.T industry, it only offered to make a blog website. Within the passage of time, it gained popularity into I.T industry and currently, about 40% of websites on the internet are developed on this CMS. Our own website is also based on the same CMS.

Easy to use

As we discussed above it is very easy to use. There are no requirements for coding knowledge. Without it, you can run this website easily. Individual, small as well as large-scale businesses are already running their website on a WordPress content management system. For example, Microsoft company also running its blog on it. Here is the official blog site of Microsoft.

Ease For E.commerce business

It is the first choice for E.commerce businesses throughout the world. Because it provides incredible features for e.commerce businesses such as integrating payment gateway and easy product listing. There are many more functions under this amazing CMS. You can explore it by installing the Woocommerce Plugin on WordPress. 

Availability of Plugins

There are thousands of WordPress plugin that enhance the functionality of WordPress. For example, if you want to integrate your website with social media accounts you can do it simply by installing the required plugin. All the plugins are given free of cost.

Customization of Theme

There are different types of themes for your WordPress site. They are also free but to some extent. If you want more features on your site,  you have to purchase the required theme from a theme developer. But it is not mandatory if you want you can go for the free theme. As I am using the free them. you can select an elegant theme from this website download theme for the WordPress repository


If we talk about developing a website on WordPress, we can make different types of websites on it with zero percent Knowledge of coding. Because there are multiple themes available as per your requirements. Here is the list of different websites that can be made on WordPress;

  1. C.V/ Resume Making Websites
  2. Forums based websites
  3. Blogs websites, such as Blogs for recipes, Event Blogging, Travel Blogging and many more
  4. Social Networking sites.
  5. E-Commerce Stores or website
  6. Company Websites.
  7. Monthly Membership websites

Apart from the above-explained websites, you can make which one you like to make. Because there are plenty of themes that meet your requirements. You have to just Go on this website, themes for your site, and select a theme that suits you best. Afterward, you have to just install it on your WordPress site from the appearance section by clicking on the theme option exactly that is being shown in the below picture.

Interface of WordPress


To sum up the discussion, hopefully, we try to clear the question that is what is WordPress. Now your understanding will be clear about the WordPress-based and custom coding website. If you do not understand fully the development of the WordPress content management system, you should go on this website create a free blog and make a free blog on WordPress by providing your Gmail account. 

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Keep in touch with this blog in the next post we will teach you the complete interface of it. If there is any question, you can ask in the comment section.




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