GOOGLE KEYWORD PLANNER TOOL; A Free Tool for Keywords Research



You have created an amazing blog for business, You have purchased an eye-catching domain name and hosting from a renowned hosting company, but think for a while when there is no traffic on your website and you are not using Google keyword Planner Tool.

It is web traffic that brings forth fruitful results for the business. Without search engine traffic your business cannot succeed on the internet. So boost up your business website traffic with the Google keyword planner tool previously known as AdWords. You should write about what people are searching for on the internet. Whether you are a Marketer or advertising company, you have to know about specific keywords that people are searching for. In this regard, the keyword planner tool is best for beginners. This tool provides a list of the most searched words on the Google search engine. There are many keyword suggestion tools on the internet, but keyword planner is the best among them How and when it works. Let,s know about its functions.



Google offers a bulk of free products such as blogger, Search Consol, Google Analytics among them the most widely used product is Gmail. An email service free of cost by Google. You should need to create your Gmail account that will be used for creating a google keyword planner account. If you already have a Gmail account, you can process it with this account. You have to just connect your Gmail ID with the keyword planner. The process is shown in this picture:

Search for Google Keyword Planner Tool and click on GO to Keyword Planner. It looks like this;



After Clicking on it. Google will ask about Gmail ID. Login with your Gmail I.D you have already created. Now the next window will open before you to say for confirming your business information. Because it will be created an account with the keyword planner. The window will look like this.




In this section, you will be asked about your billing country and currency name.

Below it, Google gives more options.

In these options, Google will ask you about sending its important updates regarding keyword planner. It, s up to you whether you want it or not.

So click on the submit button and a new window will open before you to congrats you. It is because you have created a keyword planner account. The window screenshot is given below.



 Afterward in this window, you have to click on Explore keyword planner. As soon as you click on it, a new window will open on your computer screen. In this pop-up window, you will click on Explore keyword Planner. Again A new window will open before you. Now be ready for your keyword journey with the google keyword planner tool which will be free of cost.



As you see the above two different tiny windows are open with different queries. As a marketer or business owner if you want to find out keywords, it is necessary to be selected Discover new keywords window for exploring the thousand of the keyword. Because on the internet it is a keyword that defines your success or failure. So before launching any product, you should have a deep study of these keywords. Now after clicking on it. A new window will open for you.




In this window, you will enter your specific keywords about your business. For example, you sell mobile phones to the general public. In this case, you will enter the Product Name or Brand Name of your mobile phone and click on Get Results. Google will present a list of keywords that peopole are searching for on the Internet. In this way, you can easily judge the required demand for your product on the Internet. The following information must be entered into this window section.

Product or Service Name: Enter your product name or services name in this window. It does not matter and your product can be other than mobile Phones such as clothing or lifestyle products.

Country Name; Secondly country name will be selected. It depends upon you either you want a single country to be targeted or more. Even you can select all the countries of the world. In my case for your understanding, I selected Armenia. So google will show me the results and competition of my product in this single country.

Now next you will click on the Submit button by leaving blank to enter the domain name. The next window will be opened with a thousand keyword ideas by the keyword planner.





It is the last and final step for searching keywords by this tool. Google has given you a list of thousands of keywords about the Latest mobile phone keyword. In this window, under the search bar tab, there are different features given by google keyword planner. Their detail is given below.

  • Downloading keyword Ideas. Just in front of the search bar on its right side, this option is given. One can download the keyword ideas easily and effectively. It can be downloaded in google sheets as well as on your PC.
  • Borden Your Search; In this tab Google allows you to add more keywords similar to your product for enlarging your search results. You can use more than one keywords that suit your products.
  • Add Filters: You can apply filters on this search. Apply these filters for excluding unnecessary keywords for you and download it then.
  • Refine Your Search; You can also refine your search by excluding the non-compatible brand’s name.


Competition of Keywords: There are three levels of competition. High Medium and Low competition keyword. Please do not use the high competition keywords for your business. If you are new in online business, just try to rank on google with medium or low competition keywords. It will be easy to rank. As compared to high keywords low competition keywords will be fruitful for your business.



As we discuss above the Google Keyword Planner tool is free of cost. It is the most widely used tool by marketers and advertising companies. You can also avail this opportunity without any additional cost. There is plenty of other tools for searching keywords, but they are too expensive to purchase. Believe me, I am using it personally and getting amazing results that is why I am recommending you for this tool.



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