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Today Social Media Marketing is very popular. Not only for small and large scale businesses but also for individuals. Through Social Marketing, businessmen can get their required results to a greater extent. That is why nowadays a lot of business brands are circulating on social media for promotional activities. On the other hand, if you do not educate your audience about your brands or services, you are missing a larger chunk of business revenue. Facebook, INSTAGRAM, TWITTER, PINSTER, AND YOUTUBE  marketing tools are regarded as cornerstones in today,s digital world.

What is Social Media Marketing?

Social Media Marketing is a collection of social networks that are used for social communication as well as promotional activities for a business. For a business organization, its ultimate goal is to sell out products over the internet. YouTube, Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter all fall in the social networking category. These media are mostly used for advertising purposes to build brand loyalty among customers. As long as a businessman or website owner monitors the behavior of his audience on social networks, they have a thorough insight into what their customers are seeking in a specific product or brands offered by the company.

For example, if you are running a business of cosmetics and you have also created a business page on Facebook as well as on other social networks, you can easily track the perceptions of your customers by viewing their comments regarding specific products. Considering the attitude of your customer, you can take an action plan to gain the confidence of your customers.

Power of Social Media Marketing

Are you curious to know the actual power of social media users? Let’s explore it

The first one is Facebook, the largest social network in the world. It has about 2.7 Billion users throughout the world, a big figure. It is the reason that you should promote your business on Facebook to foster your product along with business development goals

The second one is Youtube, which is the second-largest social network on the Internet. Youtube has about 2 billion users around the world, an adequate community for businessmen to target customers. Do you know the total population of the world? Mostly does not know. In 2018 the total population of the world was 7.5 billion and out of them about 3 to 4 billion are using social media platforms. So why you are waiting to grow your business? Get up and take the opportunity within a low cost but a larger audience. You just have to create a channel on Youtube to speak about your brands on Youtube that is very simple and easy.

The third one is Instagram that is also owned by Facebook. On this social media platform, you can make a short video about your product or brand as Instagram is a visual media. Making an eye-catching video you can grab the attention of the audience. Through this way, you can effectively inculcate the features of your product to customers. Here if you want greater reach, you have to create trending hashtags on Instagram so that you may get better results.

Lastly, there is Twitter which can also enhance your business growth. Twitter also belong to the social network category. It has a monthly 330 million active users while on daily basis there are 145 million users, a considerable figure. Twitter gives you the opportunity to promote your business on its platform. On Twitter, you would be charged a higher cost as compared to other social media platforms. But again, Twitter is more advantageous due to its professionalism. Its community is more professional than that of other platforms.

Strategy formulation Phases for Social Media Marketing

social media marketing


Everything demands some decision making before starting something. Imagine you are traveling in some predetermined direction like you want to go to America. Under these circumstances, you have to define your planning, organizing, and leading roles to accomplish your goal to visit America. Certainly, you will define your budget for traveling and booking a hotel in America for residency. This is the same method that calls forth a social media manager to formulate his social media strategy before startup. Let, s discuss these strategic points individually.

Strategy Development Phase

Under this phase, you have to define the strategic points.

What will be your targeting audience?

Do you want to promote your product on social media?

You may want to increase your website traffic.

Brand awareness can be your target.

So be specific & carefully define your strategy before going to the next phase.

Planning Phase

This is the most crucial phase of your strategic planning. You have to vigilantly choose the right media for targeting your audiences or customers. As discussed above, about different social media channels like Facebook, Youtube, Twitter & Instagram. It depends upon you whether you like Facebook, Youtube, Twitter, or Instagram. In my opinion, Google and Facebook are the best choices. There are other social media platforms such as Tik Tok, timber, and LinkedIn you can also promote here your business activities. So before proceeding to the next step you have to define your strategic planning.

Publishing Phase

Afterward, you will publish your content on selected social media platforms. Publishing is not as easy as you think if you are new in this field. Before publishing the content you have to make a beautiful advertisement thumbnail that catches the attraction of audiences. You can also write a beautiful description of your product that will catch two birds in one shot. First, of all, you have to learn about add development on Facebook and Google, which you can easily learn on Youtube.

Again, you have to be very judicious regarding the publishing phase. You should determine at which time your audience responds better. It might be daytime from 7 to 9 am or it may be the night time when people are off work. You should publish your ad during these timings.

Listening and Engaging Phase

The next phase will be the listening and engaging phases. In this phase, you have to answer the questions raised by the audience about your product or brands. They may ask you about the price of the product, They can place an order for the product, They can give bad comments about the product. It is your responsibility after publishing the content you have to listen to your audience carefully. You can set auto messages on Facebook and Google to respond to the audience.

But in my opinion, you should answer the questions queries yourself. It will create advantageous for your new businesses. If you don’t have time for this job you can hire a freelancer from Fiverr or Upwork as a social media manager.

Reporting Phase

Reporting is the last step in this process. One should carefully analyze the outcomes of an advertisement campaign. Review comments of your audience. Make a list of findings and put it forward to your senior management if you are working on behalf of the company. On the other hand, if you are the sole owner of the company, kindly acknowledge the feedback of the customers whether they like or dislike your service or product. Make some modifications to your product according to the customer’s requirements.


To sum up we can say that social media marketing has both pros and cons. It has advantages as well as disadvantages. If you do not consider your audience or customer it will be your disadvantage. Your whole business strategy will be ruined. Because your business is your audience or customer. It is your advantage to satisfy your customer that is the ultimate way in which you can remove the bottleneck between you and your customers.


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