Getting a better ranking in Google or any other search Engine competitor analysis is mandatory. Before entering into a business you have to get knowledge about this business. Its strong and weak loopholes. Having deep knowledge about competitor moves will help you to streamline your strategies toward your competitor. That is why in the digital world an SEO Competitor analysis is a very important thing before moving forward. Through these techniques, you can find out the weak point of your competitor.  Taking these lapses, you can rank your content against your competitor. Competitor analysis covers a range of aspects. This aspect we will define in this article.  So let,s find the different dimensions of our competitors in the digital world.

Why SEO competitor analysis is helpful?

Because we can find out required result where our competitor is weak. In this sense, it will be an opportunity to know to moves of your competitor. We can develop our strategies to counter its moves. Through SEO Competitor Analysis we will explore the following points

  • What will be our keywords for our content? Free keyword planner
  • How many Backlinks have a competitor?
  • Which topic should we cover?
  • How to encounter the competitor?
  • What is the domain authority of your competitor?
  • What much his On-Page or Off-Page SEO is good?

Above all questions are addressed under the umbrella of SEO competitor analysis. There are many ways to get information about competitors. While among them the most important is to analyze the content, keywords of your competitor. Finding these lapses you can make better your website as well as your content. Before going ahead you have to knowledge about SEO basics. That base on their principles that is On-Page, Off-Page, and Technical SEO. In our previous we have explained it in detail you can visit it here




What is SEO Competitor Analysis Actually?

As we mentioned above competitor analysis base on content creation, keyword research, finding backlinks, and optimization of the overall website. Do not waste your time to find out keywords instead you should work on existing keywords and do your best to make a difference between you and your competitor. Probably you will not like my way of talking but it is the reality check. 

Let.s take an example, Imagine You want to buy a pizza and you will go to different pizza shops. Finally, you will select which you think best among others. If you do not buy a pizza from other shops, it does not mean no one will buy from these shops. Definitely, other people will buy a pizza from these shops. So it is now clear that needs and wants differ from person to person and from time to time. You can take this opportunity.

You can better showcase your services as compared to competitors by providing extra fast delivery.  That is the same case with the content in the digital world. You can use existing keywords but you have to make them more attractive and lucrative. That means your content should more compelling than your competitor.

Different Ways for Conducting  Competitor Analysis

There are many ways to conduct Analysis. Different ways are being used for competitor analysis. Different tools are used for this purpose. Below are some methods that use for competitor analysis.

  1. Finding your actual Competitor

  2. Research Keywords

  3. Backlink Analysis

These all are used for getting a deep insight into SEO competitor analysis. You should use this methodology to get a rank in search engines for your content. Just producing content and stuffing the keywords could not work anymore. Because to rank your site just on keywords is not working in today’s digital world. There should be an optimum size of keywords in your content. Let.s define each topic separately.

Your Actual Competitor:

Before going ahead in the SEO journey, you should define your parameters. Select your actual competitor or competitors. If you have more than 1 competitor you should make a spreadsheet to collect the data about each competitor.

Now we define how to conduct competitor analysis. There are many websites that provide free services to find the mystery of your competitor. The link of different websites is given below.

Free MOZ SEO Tools

neilpatel. competitor analysis

You have to just go on these websites and paste the URL of your competitor in the search bar. Then click on the search button. A report will be generated before you. Download it and save it for future use. Do collect the different spreadsheets of your competitor and analysis them carefully. Find the weak points and define your next strategy.

Research Keywords:

This is another factor in the Onpage SEO of a site or blog. If your blog is new as compared to your competitor you should use low competition keywords. It is not necessary to use exactly all those keywords that your competitor is using. Try a different one. Find the low SEO difficulty Keywords. It is very easy to find just follow these steps.

Type UBER SUGGEST EXTENSION IN GOOGLE SEARCH ENGINE and install it. After configuring it, type your keyword in google. This extension will suggest to you about keyword search volume in different regions. You can select which one you like. In the below picture we typed in Google free SEO tools. While this extension is giving us different suggestions such as keyword volume and SD (SEO difficulty) Try to select the low SD of a keyword as much as you can if the website is new. 15 to 35 is a safe zone. More than that you cannot compete. Because you have a low count of backlinks or referring domains toward your website.

SEO Difficulty Checker

Keyword research is a crucial part of content creation. Without explicit keyword research, you can’t rank your site or blog. There ought to be an authentic weightage of keywords in your content. For example, in your 1000 words article, you should utilize a keyword only 10 times. Keywords are the search terms. For better understanding, you can read this article’s Unlimited Free keyword suggestions & criteria to find out them.

Backlink Analysis:

Backlinks play a decisive role to make you or your competitor ranking in search results. Backlinks actually an Off-Page strategy. As we have given the links of off-page SEO at beginning of the article. Please it read for your better understanding. If you want to rank your website as compared to competitors, you have to make more backlinks than that of your competitor. Backlinks make the authority of your site. These are references that are given to your website for ranking by another site. How to find the Backlinks of your competitor? You can visit this link’s Backlink checker. 

Go here and just paste the URL in the search bar. Click on the search button. A list will be open before you. Now you can find out the backlinks of your competitor,s website. Just like in the picture below.

Backlink Checker


To sum up the discussion we say that SEO competitor analysis is the focal point in your SEO journey. If you want to rank your site in the Search Engine, you have to make a deep analysis of your competitor’s site. Without doing so, you cannot rank the site at any cost. Backlinks refer to traffic toward your site while keyword research helps you with on-page SEO.

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