Marketing strategy on Instagram is an effective way to boost up business sales. It is the most powerful tool of social media marketing for a product or service. As a marketer & business owner, you should admit the importance of this platform. Once you succeed in your Instagram marketing, you can make your sales double that is the power of Instagram marketing. Developing and maintaining a marketing strategy demands some essential steps to be followed. In this article, we will talk about these steps so that you may make your business marketing strategy well-to-do.


Instagram Marketing Marketing & E-commerce Businesses

Among us mostly do not know the actual position of Instagram for online businesses. We just know about the amazing interface of Instagram for photo & video sharing. But in reality, besides this allusion, Instagram is more conducive for eCommerce businesses due to its visual interface. You can easily post videos and pictures of a specific product. Instagram has enough opportunities for e-commerce businesses to showcase their products. Millions of businesses have built up their visual and digital presence on Instagram.

Instagram user and their engagement

You might be unaware of the actual user of Instagram throughout the world that is about 1 billion. These users have more engagement sessions than any other social media platform. Reports show that about 70% of Instagram users make a purchase decision after seeing the product on Instagram.

Is Instagram for the only E-commerce?

The answer to the above-mentioned question is a big No. Apart from the eCommerce business, you can promote your brand name on Instagram. If you do not have any physical products on Instagram you can also sell out your services. Many professionals such as Doctors, Teachers, Bloggers, and web designer has joined this incredible platform for their brand awareness. You can promote your personal service on Instagram.

Here are we are giving some fact about 2020.

About 90% of Instagram users follow at least one business. There are more than 1 billion monthly active users on Instagram, More than 83% of Instagram users have discovered new services or products on Instagram. Now it has been cleared that Instagram is not used for only personal objectives. Moreover, it is not limited to your personal blog or product. Its reach is on a global level that is why you can target your customers globally rather than on domestic and regional levels. To become successful on Instagram you have to understand the Instagram algorithms. Below some algorithms are given for your better consideration. Follow these rules to understand Instagram Algorithms.

Understanding the Instagram Algorithms

As it is very difficult for the entire understanding of Instagram algorithms. Because its algorithms update from time to time. We cannot explain to you its complete guidance but some core algorithms are given below which remain the same for a long time.

  1. Based on user interests. Instagram algorithms closely watch user interests. As you noticed that when you like some specific pages or posts, Instagram shows the same interest-based post in your feed. For example, you like poetry, Instagram will consistently suggest poetry pages to make you like these pages.
  2. Priority to Recent Posts. Instagram prioritize the new posts as compared to the older one. You will see the recent posts instead of one week back post.
  3. Following status, If you are a regular user of Instagram and follow a large number of people, Instagram will not show you each and every post instead it will show you the best post as per your interests.

Instagram Marketing Strategy

1. Define Your Instagram Objectives

Think for a while that why you are here. What is the purpose of your Instagram marketing? What do you want from this social media platform?

Think about these questions. The answer to these questions will define your objectives for Instagram marketing. It is evident you are an E-Commerce seller and want to generate more sales through Instagram Marketing. You may be a blogger that wants more visitors to your site. You may be a marketer for the promotion of a specific product on Instagram. So set your business goals according to your business marketing strategy. Never run any marketing campaign without setting your marketing goals. It will not only waste your money but also your precious time.

Making a Business Profile on Instagram.

You can use your Facebook account to create an Instagram Profile. It is very simple and easy. You have to provide just a few pieces of information regarding yourself. Afterward, you have to switch to a business Instagram account because it enables you to track your audience. You have to provide a bio about your business such as your industry, business location, and phone number that will give a professional look to your Instagram profile. Furthermore, business account supports for tracking audience to see the activity of your audience through analytics tool.

Create Popular Hashtags

Hashtags are popular keywords or phrases about your product. They promote your product on social media platforms. Use hashtags as many as you can. Hashtags enhance your product reach and user engagement. Use popular hashtags of the days related to your industry.

For example, if you belong to the News industry, you can use the hot news of the day as hashtags. So make sure you are using attractive and popular hashtags on Instagram.

2. Create compelling content for Audiences

Use eye-catching images, It is the point where your actual Instagram marketing strategy begins. You should produce compelling and amazing content for your audience on Instagram. Give a unique look to your brand and logo. Your logo must have a professional look. Use different combinations of colors to make your photos and images more beautiful & attractive for the audience.

Video Content for Instagram Marketing. The video content for marketing purposes cannot be denied. People love to watch video content instead of written material. An image presents 1000 words while video content can speak about 10000 words in just a few minutes. As far as Instagram is concerned, as we mentioned above, it is a place of brands. Where people discover different brands and products. Under these circumstances, video content can give an edge over your competitor’s marketing strategy on Instagram. You can also use story options for video content.

Publishing the Content

Content Should be timely, Your content should be on a timely basis. If people show engagement at a specific time of day, you should post your content at this time. For example, people usually give better responses at night and afternoon times. To get more reach you should post your content on these timings.

Writing Excellent Captions, Under Publishing Phase writing the captions of posts can be underestimated. As a marketer and marketing strategist, you should write captions for every post. Most marketers miss this important task for their brand promotions on different social media platforms.

The following detail can be written in the caption of an image.

  • A call to action button such as your bio
  • A bit of personality touch in this section you can add some emojis
  • Must use hashtags. These hashtags can be range from 5 to 10. Your brand name must be included in hashtags.

Keep Engage Your Audience, You should keep engaging your audience. You must respond to your audience for each and every question. For this purpose, one of your marketing representatives should actively participate with the audience. He must reply to questions raised by the audience on Instagram.


Evaluation Phase of Marketing Strategy on Instagram

Almost everything has been done for marketing strategy on Instagram. Now the questions arise whether the audience provides favorable feedback or not. Maybe you need some modification in your product as per the requirements of your customer or audience. It may be your audience like your product to a greater extent. All these things should be evaluated separately. Positive and negative aspects of your marketing strategy should be evaluated. Review your posting timing whether it was better or worse. Analysis of which time the audience gives you a greater response. If there are some loopholes in your marketing strategy it should be covered immediately.


To sum up we can say that your marketing strategy on Instagram depends upon different factors. If you do your best to cover each and every aspect of your marketing strategy, you will definitely get fruitful results. Before launching this strategy keep in mind the algorithms of Instagram as well as your strength and weakness in the marketplace. Improve your weak point and use your strength to gain opportunity on the Instagram marketplace.


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