Black hat SEO can be devastating for your website or blog if you are using it. It is a plan to spam the search engines to get the ranking of your website or blog into searching results. The black hat SEO technique is the ultimate violation of search engine rules. Every search Engines define some rules regarding ranking and indexing of specific web pages.

If we define the actual definition of Black Hat SEO, we can say that these are unethical activities by website owners toward search engines. On the other hand, if you are thinking that you can beat the search engine algorithms with back hat SEO, definitely you are living in the paradise of fool people. You cannot beat these algorithms, but indeed you will injure your own website or blog.

Here in this article, we will discuss the different  Black Heat SEO techniques that should be avoided to get a better ranking. Following are different methods of Black HAT SEO.

Different Methods of Black Hat SEO

There are a lot of Black Hat SEO methods, but most of the time people use the following methods to make fool themselves, not search engines. These are

  1. Content Automation or Spinning the article
  2. Content Duplication
  3. Accessive use of Keyword in your content
  4. Cloaking the content
  5. Using Multiple Redirects

Content Automation & Spinning 

This is the worst practice that is being used by different website owners and bloggers. They do not create their own content rather they copy the content from other websites. Afterward, they convert this article into a new one by spinning the articles. Spinning means changing the wording of the article. More precisely you can say that to make an article rephrase by special software. That method is called spinning the article.

Content Duplication

Now the question is what is the black hat SEO technique? The answer to this question also lies in content duplication. It is the same copy of an article from another website on your own blog or website. When search bots will crawl your web page, they will analyze this duplication content. Because they have already crawled the same article on a different website. As a result, your site will be deindexed.

Accessive Use of Keyword or keyword Stuffing 

It is another method that is used under the Black Hat SEO technique. In the past, it is good to get rank on the keyword stuffing. But now the SEO atmosphere has changed and keyword stuffing will be a nightmare for your website or blog. Most people use this strategy to rank their new website in search results. Ultimately all their efforts ended in smoke if these all are based on accessive use of keywords in your content. If you do not know the keywords and their proper use, You can visit this article. Free keyword Planner.

Cloaking the Content

The next one is cloaking the content. It means you are deceiving both visitors and search engine crawlers. Cloaking content means writing such content that not match your webpage links.

For example, I am writing this article under the heading of BLACK HAT SEO. While I have to produce the identical content with this heading. If I do not do so and placing different content, I am cloaking my content. Users will not stay on this page and move to another website in no time. In this way, a signal will be shown to google that there is something wrong with this website or web page. In the end, the search engine will penalize you for that reason. That all process called Black HAT SEO.

Using Multiple Redirects

What is the black hat SEO technique? The answer is to use multiple redirects on your website or webpage. Under this technique user of a website redirects from one website to another website. On the other hand, these redirects can be used for redirecting a visitor from one web page to another one on the same website.

All these activities are done to get a better user experience so that users may stay more time on this website. But this practice also irritates the search engine crawler that visitors are frequently redirected from page to page for nothing.


To sum up the discussion we can say that the black hat SEO technique is not worthy of any website or blog. If you are new in this field, do not use these bad practices to spam yourself not Google search engine. If you are old in the same field and using these strategies, stop them as soon as possible and do something natural such as white hat SEO.

For any queries and questions, you can ask in the comment section without any hesitation. We will glad to answer your query.


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