WHY SEO IS IMPORTANT? what stands for SEO. What is SEO, actually. These questions require a deep analysis of SEO. Generally, SEO stands for Search Engine Optimization. While it is multi factors. It is the practice to enhance the quality and quantity of your blog or website traffic. It is also helpful in the promotion of a specific brand. If you want to be top on search engine results. You have to do SEO for your website.


SEO is a game theory in which we know the real intent of the reader or audience of a specific website. You use key terms or in a broader sense, you can say the term as keywords. These are the keywords that are being searched by people on the internet. It is the understanding of what people or the general public is searching for.

As we discussed SEO is a multi-factor that based on On-page Off-page and Technical SEO. These three factors collectively enhance the website results in search engines. To understand the scope of SEO, you have to understand the search engine behavior and organic results.


The Search Engine works like a machine. It collects and analyzes the web pages on the internet and evaluates them. The evaluation depends on different factors. As you know there are billions or trillions of pages on the internet. Search engines, like Google search engines, rank a website due to multiple factors.

For example, you search something on the internet,  and a search engine gives you multiple results. These all results basis on crawling and indexing. Crawling and indexing are the features of a search engine. Crawling means identification, analysis, and evaluation of different pages on the internet.

If your search query matches and the search engines put different results before you as per your search terms it is called ranking. As you notice, when you search for something different pages open before you, orderly. The most relevant answer to your query is shown on the top by the search engine while other exits on the second, third, fourth, and soon on. That,s all are ranking factors.


SEO works like a soul in the body. Without SEO your site cannot get a better ranking on Search Engines. It is Search Engine Optimization that drives organic traffic toward a website or blog. It works more than paid Advertisement and any other method such as social media marketing

If you do good SEO of your website, your success is ultimate. You can beat your competitor. On the other hand, you can also make more revenue as compared to others. Organic traffic means natural traffic. In turn, it will enhance the ranking of your site and your site will rank on all the Search Engines provided that you are doing White Hat SEO techniques. 


Under White Hat SEO techniques, all things are done as per the requirements of the Webmaster Tool. All guidelines of the webmaster tool are followed. The primary focus of white hat SEO is to provide valuable material to people what they want actually,

On contrary, black hat SEO is based on black rules. These rules are made to make fool the Search Engine. In reality, these strategies work but to some extent. Google Search Engine consistently observes these strategies. Ultimately after some time, your website will be penalized by Google. Even this does not stop here and Google de-ranked the site that follows black hat SEO Techniques.  Following the guidelines of Google Webmaster Tool

  • Make pages primarily for users, not for search engines.
  • Don’t deceive your users.
  • Avoid tricks intended to improve search engine rankings. A good rule of thumb is whether you’d feel comfortable explaining what you’ve done to a website that competes with you, or to a Google employee. Another useful test is to ask, “Does this help my users? Would I do this if search engines didn’t exist?”
  • Think about what makes your website unique, valuable, or engaging. Make your website stand out from others in your field.


1.SEO Deliver Better User Experience

Everyone wants organic and natural results by search engines. But only a few know about the user experience. Google Search Engines always distinguish the best and worst user experience sites. If you are giving quality content, indeed people will like your content and stay more time on your website. In turn, your bounce rate will be decreased. Eventually, your website will get more organic traffic than that of your competitor.

2.Helpful For Marketers

SEO has great importance for marketers. It does not matter whether you are a blogger, content writer, or marketer. SEO is equally important for all. Under On-Page SEO, Keyword Researches helps marketers to save their time and money. Through keyword Research they analysis the most demanding keywords in the market.

3.Importance of SEO for all Industries

You have a small business or large, SEO has enough importance for all industries. It does not matter whether a business is new or old. Even manufacturing, services, Healthcare, and all other industries rely on SEO. Actually, SEO optimizes the content of your site for a better user experience. That is why SEO is important.

Why it is so? Because SEO is the only thing that is under your control. In the physical world, it may difficult to compete with your competitor. On the other hand, In the digital world, you have full control over your competitor. Through better OFF-PAGE OFF-PAGE strategies a site can be ranked against a competitor. If you are investing in Search Engine Optimization, it means you are directly investing in your ranking and profitability.

4.SEO Provide Deep Insight About Technical Shortcomings

Now analysis more that why SEO is important? Are you struggling to get rank your website in the Search Engine result pages (SERPs,s)  of Google? Indeed you would like it as soon as possible. To get your required results you have to do an excellent SEO of your website. The days have gone by ranking a website on keyword stuffing. Now the SEO atmosphere is different. That is why you have to learn about the new things in the SEO field. Get a deep insight into the technical shortcomings of your website. These shortcomings can be known through Technical SEO. To rank your website you have to address these shortcomings. Following are a checklist of Technical SEO

Checklist Of Technical SEO

  1. Register your website in Google search Consol
  2. Create XML Sitemap
  3. Fix Duplicate Content
  4. Speed up your website
  5. Use SSL
  6. The website should be Mobile-friendly
Above mentioned all aspect falls in Technical SEO category. To optimize your website or blog from an SEO point of view, you should consider these factors. HOW TO DO TECHNICAL SEO

5. Helpful To Conduct Competitor Analysis

Getting a better ranking in Google or any other search Engine competitor analysis is mandatory. Before entering into a business you have to get knowledge about this business. Its strong and weak loopholes. Having deep knowledge about competitor moves will help you to streamline your strategies toward your competitor. That is why in the digital world an SEO Competitor analysis is a very important thing before moving forward. Through these techniques, you can find out the weak point of your competitor.  Taking these lapses, you can rank your content against your competitor. Competitor analysis covers a range of aspects.

Why SEO competitor analysis is helpful?

Because we can find out required result where our competitor is weak. In this sense, it will be an opportunity to know to moves of your competitor. We can develop our strategies to counter its moves. Through SEO Competitor Analysis we will explore the following points

  • What will be our keywords for our content? Free keyword planner
  • How many Backlinks have a competitor?
  • Which topic should we cover?
  • How to encounter the competitor?
  • What is the domain authority of your competitor?
  • What much his On-Page or Off-Page SEO is good?  For getting more Information How to conduct SEO competitor analysis you can visit this article. How to do SEO competitor Analysis?


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